Thursday, October 4, 2012

Little Red's Cousin

I adore the color RED!  Even though I have not been brave enough to paint a room this color. . .yet.  For now I content myself with splashing this deliciously bold color on sad, neglected furniture that needs a little cheering up.

Several months ago, I found this "down in the dump" bookcase at a local thrift store.  (It probably should have gone to the dump as it was suffering from a bad case of mildew.)

Structurally, it was sound but boy did it smell bad!  Of course, I didn't discover this till the ride home.  I left it outside to "air out" for several weeks before tackling it.  First, I thoroughly scrubbed it with a bleach/water solution and then allowed it to dry in the sun for several days.  After that, it smelled MUCH better.

I then primed the entire piece with Kiltz primer/sealer.  Inspired by my  Little Red Makeover, I decided to do a similar finish.  I painted it my favorite red color, distressed it a little, added a mocha glaze, and then a clear wax to finish it off. 

I added French Toile fabric to the back of the bookcase and for the final touch, two painted knobs.  (I was on my way out the door to take it to the shop, when I realized I hadn't taken an after shot.)

Little Red's Cousin is so much happier now in her "new" color.  What colors make you happy? 


  1. Very nice for just the right spot. :) It's always fun to "upcycle" something that you can use. Favorite color? It's blue, blue, more blue. :)

  2. Beautiful. I love this piece and toile is right on!!


  3. I like it , looks great ! I like all kinds of colours to many to choose just one for me ! Have a good day !

  4. What a beautiful piece! I love the red. :) Megan

  5. That is a beautiful makeover, love the color and the beautiful fabric background.

  6. I love it! The toile fabric is a great addition to the piece.

  7. hey i am your newest follower and I am not sure how I found you. It was someone involved with Rural Thursday, that I'm linking with today. But I found you via someones site... but, I am glad I did!

  8. I'm so glad you're back Sharla - I missed you. I love the bookcase it looks amazing xxx


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