Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Perfect Match

Have you ever bought a skirt because it was too cute only to find that you didn't have a single shirt to go with it?  And then, after many hours of frustrated shopping looking for something/anything to go with it, you finally hit pay dirt. . .a perfect match!

Here is my "cute little skirt".  I found this hutch at the ReStore several months ago.  The price was right and I knew (hoped) that I could find another piece to go with it.

Well, a few weeks later, this little desk turned up at the ReStore.

A perfect match!  I primed both pieces with Kiltz primer made for slick surfaces and let them cure for a couple of days.  After that, both pieces were painted a pale gray and then lightly distressed and a mocha glaze was applied.  I finished off with a clear wax.

The back of the hutch was painted in black chalkboard paint.  The "new" hardware also came from the ReStore and was painted white to coordinate with the new look.  For a final touch, metal stars were added in the upper corners of the hutch.

So, have you found any "perfect" matches lately?


  1. Ya don't see them very much any more ! Beautiful ! Have a good day !

  2. I love the star detail.
    The whole color palette is great!

  3. Oh this is beautiful, Sharla! You did an incredible job!

  4. Sharla,

    The desk looks wonderful. I love the added stars.


  5. I love that finish. You did a fabulous job. These pieces were clearly meant to be together.

  6. Wow, love the stars!! So cute:)


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